Emotions don't lie.
If you are asking customers what they feel, you are not getting the full truth.

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Sentient Prime® embeds scientifically valid implicit experiments within your market research survey to reveal the subconscious associations which influence behavior. Design, build and test an implicit study to include in any market research application for free!

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Meet the future of market research.

Sentient Prime measures the impact of a momentary exposure of a stimulus – called a prime - on a participant’s ability to perform a cognitive sorting task relating to any discrete attribute or emotion. The prime induces an automatic, irrepressible retrieval of associated attitudes and perceptions which directly affects the cognitive processing ability of a subsequent attribute or emotion.

Measuring impact on cognition.

Sentient Prime records the response latency, accuracy, and intensity of a response and compares multiple primed evaluations to unprimed ones to quantify the amount of dissonance or fluency between each prime and association tested.

Analyzing implicit results with ease.

Each prime and association pairing is given a 0-200 index score which reflects the strength of the neural network connection between these two concepts. As scores go above 100, they reflect stronger associations with the concepts positioned at the bottom of the screen. As scores go below 100, they reflect stronger associations with the contrasting concepts positioned at the top of the screen.  A score of 100 represents a neutral association.

Learn How Prime Captures Emotion

Match the right implicit test to your research.

With just a few clicks you can create a scientifically valid implicit module by using one or more of these powerful design templates depending on your research objective.

Accelerate your business with better insight.

Built on more than a decade of applied scientific research and development, our leading-edge technology empowers researchers to understand the consumer subconscious with greater insight than has ever been possible.  Our database of over 200 million implicit measurements provides unrivaled normative data to further evaluate your implicit experiment's results.

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Why test emotion?

Emotions are powerful behavioral motivators; having a strong association between your brand an “Excitement” or “Relief” is what drives consideration and purchase. With a traditional survey, you can ask people what emotions they think are associated with your brand, but people are not consciously aware of emotional associations that otherwise exist. It is essential to brand health that you understand the emotional drivers of your category and where your brand “fits” within that emotional landscape. That will allow you to understand the impact of your brand relative to your competition, which is essential when developing messaging around your brand, developing new products and concepts that are consistent with your brand’s emotional profile, observing changes in category-level emotional drivers, etc.

What stimuli can you test?

You can test emotional and attribute associations any words, images, sounds, or any combination of the three, as well as moving images with some additional assistance. We also commonly test changes in associations after exposure to things like concept images, messaging statements, and video advertisements. Learn to build your own study.

What are the different parts of an implicit exercise?

Implicit exercises are organized into exercises designed to test a particular association between primes and a spectrum. Most commonly, the spectrum are emotional, attribute-based, or self-relevance-based. For example “Anxiety” to “Relief”, “Rebellious” to “Conformist”, or “Me” to “Not Me”.

Each exercise has sortable visuals (words or images) which are called ‘targets’. These targets are organized into categories called ‘buckets’. Each exercise also has primes which precede these targets. The prime can be words, images, sounds, or any combination of the three, as well as moving images with some additional assistance.

Associations from an exercise are formed between the primes and the buckets. The strength of this associations is provided as an index value from 0 to 200, with the zero representing a strong relationship between the prime and the top/negative bucket, and a value of 200 representing a strong relationship between the prime and the bottom/positive bucket.

How is reaction time analyzed? What will my data look like?

Index values from Sentient Prime range from 0 to 200, and represent a scale from a low association to a high association. These values are provided at the individual level, meaning output provides data for each respondent comprised of their associations with each prime/bucket combination. The respondent ID passed into the link when the respondent completes the implicit task is provided in the data output to allow these data to be merged into your explicit dataset to run subsequent analysis.

What conclusions can I draw from Prime results?

Just like with an explicit rating scale that might range from ‘1 to 5’, ‘1 to 7’, or ‘0 to 10’, the ‘0 to 200’ index values from Sentient Prime can be interpreted and analyzed as any continuous variable. Average index values across groups of respondents can be used to identify group differences, such as low vs. high consumption groups or NPS promoters vs. detractors. Similarly, Sentient Prime index values can be used in correlations and regressions to identify implicit drivers of explicit variables, such as user consumption behavior or derived preference via a choice task.

What do you do when you only have one concept to test?

With one concept, we will typically include a current product and/or a competitor product for differentiation.

Implicit Study Pricing

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