What is the Advanced Implicit Partner program?

Don't be the researcher who can't tell the full story behind consumer choice. Become a Sentient Prime® Advanced Implicit Partner and reveal the complete drivers of behavior, every time, for any initiative.

The power of Sentient Prime® goes well beyond applying scientific techniques to create implicit studies on Brands, Packages, Ads and Concepts. It can create dynamic, fine-tuned, hyperfocused, multimedia global studies for nearly any research initiative. Commercial, philanthropic, educational, political... you name it.

The Advanced Implicit Partner ("AIP") program is designed to provide you the knowledge, vision, tools and control to apply Sentient Prime's power to quantify the subconscious drivers of human behavior in both market research and beyond.

Create your implicit studies from scratch. Adjust languages, content, sounds, timing and more. Dynamically choose the exercises and stimuli that engage users on a predetermined, per-respondent basis. 

Every AIP receives an intense, 2-3 day training session. In true partnership fashion, you'll experience ongoing and direct collaboration with Sentient Prime's psychology and technology experts who stand at the forefront of market research innovation via access to exclusive Advanced Implicit Partner communication channels. You will maintain a direct influence on Sentient Prime's evolution as the world's leading implicit research technology.

What doors can you open by becoming an Advanced Implicit Partner? We will discuss your business model, your typical research engagements, your expertise on staff, your vision, and more to find out.  

Contact us at aip@sentientprime.com to understand how you can begin telling the complete story of human behavior.